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Guardian Homes

Black Swamp Labradors LLC is looking for applicants for guardian homes. Guardian homes must live within an hour of Black Swamp Labradors. Please read this entire post, and then fill out the linked questionnaire. 

What’s a guardian home?


BSL places a dog with your family on contract, free of charge. We hold back breeding rights and use the dog for breeding until we decide to retire them from our program. You must understand that the dog comes back to us for breeding various times during the year. A week or two for males and females for breeding. Males are placed at the beginning, since they are only used for stud service. Depending on the needs for our program they are neutered around six years of age and retired. We currently have three studs who lives in great guardian homes with amazing people who love and care for him just as we would. We also have one female currently in a guardian home.


Females will stay with us around 7-8 weeks once/twice a year. Females are placed after 8 weeks of age as well. We are always accepting applications for guardian homes. If we don’t have a dog currently ready, we may in the future and we are always happy to have families on standby. 

The dog must always be available to us for breeding, as timing is vital. Many times we are messaged at the last minute for stud service when a female comes into heat early and they need to use our male right away. We do our very best to message our current families in advance so that they are aware and can plan accordingly. Once we decide to retire the dog from our program, it is spayed or neutered and the AKC registration paperwork signed over to you. 

What are you, the guardian home responsible for? Basic needs: food, vaccinations, Veterinary care not associated with breeding, and heartworm preventative, transportation to and from the breeders home, lots of love and attention, toys, and exercise. 

What is BSL responsible for? All costs associated with breeding: purchase of dog, OFA testing, DNA health screening, X-rays & ultrasounds for verification of pregnancy, progesterone testing, semen collection, semen freezing and shipping, AKC registration, microchip, litter registration, advertising , and Veterinary care while they are in our care. 

We also ask that you please properly socialize you guardian home puppy, we want them to be as comfortable as possible during their stay with us.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below by clicking the link below.

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